Brown Dog Pizza

Brown Dog River Club

Detroit Style - Enough Said

This local sports bar just happens to serve award-winning pizza - and we are not talking about award-winning in Colorado, but Italy! Yes, Brown Dog Pizza was given top honors at the World Pizza Championship in Italy, the birthplace of the pizza pie.


The publicity and hubbub are well deserved. "The Detroit" is a pizza baked in a pan with a thickness that sits somewhere between a regular crust and a Chicago deep dish. The pan is lightly coated with parmesan before the dough is spread and toppings applied. What arrives at your table is a perfect concoction. Take a bite into the golden crust and your world may just be still for a moment. Local note - try the "Brooklyn Bridge" - it is the pizza that won top honors!


Also found on the menu is standard bar fare including salads, sandwiches, and wings, which are a step above those found at the neighborhood pub.


Be warned, Brown Dog Pizza is the stomping grounds for avid New England fans. Tom Brady and the Patriots are held in high esteem and it will be hard to find a seat on gamedays.