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Telluride Valet & Private Chauffeur Services

Our personal valet and chauffeur services will take you anywhere you need to go, day or night. And as a rental guest (or owner), no additional charge for this fabulous perk!

You’re sitting in a corner booth at the New Sheridan Chop House, finishing an exquisite meal, taking in the views as you see snow dusting Main Street. You are only a few blocks from home, but the cool winter evenings are best enjoyed indoors. Simply call your chauffeur at the River Club as you are finishing your glass of wine. One of our warm luxuriously appointed Escalades will be waiting for you just outside. Not a care in the world.

Once you arrive in this magical place, there is no need for you to drive. Ever. Check in to the Club, and you won’t need to pick up your car keys until its time to leave Telluride and head back to reality.

Our chauffeur and valet services at the River Club will keep your vehicle safe and warm in our secure heated parking garage, available to you any time you need. We will care for your luggage, pick up your groceries, load up your skis, deliver take out, or simply drive you anywhere in town you need to go. It’s that easy.

  • No matter your needs, the private chauffeur and valet service is available to take you anywhere in Telluride, Colorado.

    Chauffeur around Town

    No matter your needs, the chauffeur and valet service is available at your beck and call. Anywhere in Town you need to go.

  • Relax and enjoy a night out in Telluride, Colorado with our private valet and chauffeur services.

    Getting Home Safe & Sound

    Picture this. You are enjoying a romantic dinner on Main Street and watching a beautiful snowstorm through the foggy restaurant windows. No need to trudge home in the snow. Step into the warm River Club Escalade, awaiting you just outside the restaurant, to get you home safe and dry.

  • Stay warm and cozy no matter what the weather is like with the River Club private escalade valet and chauffeur services.

    Warm Escalades

    Baby it’s cold outside. But it’s warm in the River Club Escalades. Always shiny, detailed, and warm – guaranteed to make those brisk winter evenings more enjoyable.

  • The River Club offers complimentary ski valet and transportation services to experience Telluride skiing in luxury.

    Ski Valet

    Sure the River Club is only two blocks from the Gondola and chairlifts, but you may not want to walk in your boots while carrying your skis. Let us take care of you. Complimentary ski valet and transportation to the bottom of the slopes.

  • The River Club will bring dinner right to your door with luxury dinner-to-go services.

    Dinner To-Go

    Playing so hard in the great outdoors can be exhausting. Sometimes to-go dinner is just what you need. We’ll bring it right to your door.

  • The River Club chauffeur and valet services will escort your children and their gear to a perfect spot to sled safe and sound.


    Are your kiddos excited about an afternoon of sledding and you want to ensure they make it to the perfect spot safe and sound? The River Club chauffeur will escort them in style and tote their gear as well.

  • Finishing up a hike at the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls? The River Club private valet and chauffeur services will escort you back to the resort.


    Finishing up a hike at the famous Bridal Veil Falls and lacking the energy to walk back to the Club? We’ll scoop you up at the trailhead to get you home to relax, bask in your glory, and reminisce the beauty you just experienced.

  • The River Club's private valet and chauffeur services offer complimentary transportation to and from the Telluride Airport.

    Airport Transportation

    Enjoy complimentary transportation to and from the Telluride Airport.

550 West Depot Avenue
Telluride, CO 81435