Frequently Asked Questions

While we have compiled a list of our frequently asked questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call anytime to discuss. We would love to hear from you.

  • How does this differ from a timeshare? What exactly does fractional ownership mean?

    The major difference is that you receive a deed, just like you would for a house, when you purchase at the River Club. This means you own a portion of the development. The Owners are empowered to be a part of all decision making, rather than a large corporate chain implementing decisions. For example, the recent renovation of the River Club was a decision made by the Owners and the project was managed by the HOA. Also, fractional ownership can be put in a trust for beneficiaries and has possible tax benefits.

  • What does my payment of HOA dues contribute towards?

    The simple answer is “everything!” The HOA dues cover everything from property taxes to Club Staff. Upon request, we are happy to provide you with a specific list of what the HOA dues cover. There are no other dues, assessments, SIDS, or LIDS to pay besides the HOA dues.

  • How do the ski and golf benefits work?

    As an Owner at the River Club, you are considered a member of the Telluride Ski & Golf Club. Owners receive lifetime golf and ski passes that may be used any time the Owner is in-house, along with discounted rates from guests.

  • Can I get discounted golf (and the early tee-times that an Owner has access to) for Guests?

    Yes. Your Guests would receive a discount for green fees. And as an Owner, you can book your early tee time and bring your Guests.

  • What is a float week?

    Each River Club Ownership purchase comes with summer and winter weeks, and the majority of packages include the benefit of a float week. After every Owner has selected their preferred summer and winter weeks for the year, there are many additional available weeks throughout the year for use. This is when an owner would choose their float week. It can be in the summer, spring, fall, or winter.

  • How does space-availability work?

    Once an Owner uses all their weeks they can still enjoy the River Club and Telluride. Once you have the dates in mind all you have to do is either call the River Club to ask if there is availability or log into the members section of the website to determine if there is availability.

  • Can I use my Telluride Ski and Golf Club benefits even when I am in Town on a space-available stay?

    Absolutely. Every time you are in-house at the River Club, you are a Member of Telluride Ski & Golf Club, and can enjoy the full benefits.

  • How are planned weeks selected by Owners?

    The planned weeks are based on a rotating schedule. So this means that every Owner receives a fair chance of selecting their weeks. NO matter if you have owned at the River Club for 10 years or 10 days, it is the same rotation process for all Owners. We are happy to provide specific details of the rotation schedule upon request.

  • Will I receive notification when it’s my turn to reserve my planned week?

    Yes. The River Club Staff will send out a reminder at least 3 weeks prior to your scheduled booking date each season.

  • How will I know what is available before I submit my request?

    The River Club Members’ Website lists the availability during each booking season, as well as space available weeks. Reservation requests may be submitted directly from the website.

  • Is it possible to see the financials for the HOA?

    Yes. We are happy to provide you with the financials upon request.

  • What ongoing fees will I have after I make my purchase?

    Besides the HOA dues, there are no ongoing fees. We have no other assessments or fees.

  • If I am unable to come for one of the weeks that I am scheduled to be in-house at the River Club, what are my options?

    You would need to submit a written cancellation (email is sufficient) to the River Club Staff three weeks before your arrival date to let them know you cannot utilize your reserved week. This way you retain your week and do not lose it, and it will go back into the pool of Owners to be picked up as a space-available stay. Another option would be to rent it out for possible income.

  • Is there a cap on the HOA fees?

    No there is not. However, the HOA Board may only increase HOA fee’s by a maximum of 3% a year. Anything above 3% would require a vote by the Owners.

  • May I leave things in storage at the River Club?

    Absolutely. Each Owner has the benefit of storing skis, golf clubs, seasonal clothing, and any other personal items you might like to keep in Telluride. Now you do not have the hassle of traveling with extra items.

  • How does the complimentary transportation work?

    The River Club has two Escalades to take you anywhere you need or want to go in the Town of Telluride. The hours of operations are from 7am to 11pm.

  • Does the River Club offer child-care arrangements?

    Yes. The River Club maintains a list of trusted and qualified babysitters to choose from, and Concierge Staff is happy to schedule those accommodations for you.

  • What is the parking situation at the River Club and is there a fee?

    The River Club has an underground heated parking garage. Each Owner has access to one parking stall at no additional charge.

  • What if I prefer to only come in the summer? Can I just purchase summer weeks?

    Each Ownership package consists of summer and winter weeks. We do not have any “summer only” packages, however that does not mean you cannot enjoy more summer weeks than winter. Our suggestion would be to purchase at least a “Gold” level Ownership or above because these Ownerships consist of prime winter weeks which can be easily traded to Owners who prefer winter for skiing.

  • Can I come for 3-4 consecutive weeks in the summer?

    There is no guarantee, but certainly ways to make this a strong possibility. The best scenario, which a lot of Owners have done and have been very successful to secure consecutive weeks, is to purchase multiple 2 week “Silver” level Ownerships. If you purchase two or more we can put the memberships on different ends of the rotations schedule which makes it much easier to book consecutive weeks.

  • Can I get a guarantee to come for Film Festival or Blue Grass every year?

    No. The only fixed weeks we offer are Christmas or New Years week. The festivals have been known to change dates from time to time. If you purchased a fixed week for the Film Festival and the Festival changed the dates, then your fixed week would significantly lose its value to you. You can trade your week/s with other Owners. Our advice would be to consider purchasing a “Platinum” level Ownership with either fixed Christmas or New Years week. Both holidays are extremely popular and you can trade with the Owners. Your odds of getting a popular festival week are greatly increased this way.


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