Sleigh Rides

There's something magical about being whisked around Telluride on the back of a horse-drawn sleigh. Dress up warm and kick back and enjoy a ride with some of Telluride's beloved horses while taking in the sights of historic ranches high in the mountains. 

Sleighs and Wagons Telluride

A Sleigh Ride Straight Out of a Movie

Create a memory you'll never forget with a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Telluride! Whether you prefer a more traditional sleigh ride or would rather get food and drinks with your ride, your ride will be one you will never forget. Ask your River Club concierge about booking a sleigh ride - we'll be more than happy to take care of that for you. 

  • Telluride Sleighs and Wagons - This family-owned business offers horse-drawn sleigh rides through the historic Aldasoro Ranch to some historic sheep ranch buildings for cocktails and a delicious meal. 
  • Telluride Wranglers - This family-owned company is located just 20 minutes from Telluride on the Wilson Mesa, offering horse-drawn sleigh rides for large and small groups. 
  • Telluride Horseback Adventures - Located just 45 minutes down the valley, this Norwood company is run and operated by local cowboy Roudy Roudebush. Sleigh rides for 10 people are available and are pulled by Clyde and Frank, two Belgian draft horses.