SUP Boarding

Paddleboarding is a whole different way to explore the town of Telluride. Stand-up paddleboarding is great for all ages - and the entire crew will love cruising down the river with the water rushing by. Don't hesitate to consult the River Club concierge to arrange a paddleboard rental or to hire a guided trip. 

SUP in Telluride

Our Favorite Places to SUP

While there's no shortage of great places to SUP in Telluride, we have a few lakes and rivers we prefer to cruise on during the summertime. Here are a few of our favorite places:

  • San Miguel River - Depart right from the River Club and cruise down the valley on the San Miguel River. While timing has to be right (generally June is a great time as the water is at a good level) it makes for a great day in Telluride. We recommend getting off just before the roundabout at the end of the valley. 
  • Trout Lake - Located just a short drive to the south of Telluride, Trout Lake is generally extremely calm and provides great views of the surrounding peaks. You'll often see people fishing, picnicking, and spending the day at this scenic spot. 
  • Alta Lakes - While this is a more difficult lake to travel to (it takes 4WD up a dirt road), it's a great spot on the backside of Palmyra Peak to spend a day SUPing.